Most businesses recognize the benefits of migrating from company-owned hardware to the cloud, which include flexibility and scalability, improved availability and security of data, zero Cap-Ex spend on equipment, reduced Op-Ex spend on maintenance, and many others.  Many articles have been written on this very subject of the benefits of cloud migration.  However, some companies are skeptical to make the jump because they are unsure of the risks and how to manage these.

cloud migration disaster

Avoid Disaster. Don’t migrate to the cloud without consulting Lucid Technologies.

As with any project that yields sizeable benefits, migrating from an in-house IT infrastructure to the cloud comes with certain risks.  Research sources such as Information Week have outlined how to avoid potential disaster when planning and implementing application and data transfer to the cloud.


Lucid Technologies has successfully completed numerous migrations through mitigating risks in the planning process:

  • Many cloud providers will try to sell you on their services whether it is the right fit or not.  Lucid Technologies partners with many cloud providers and will work with your business to determine the best cloud offering.
  • Lucid Technologies will assess your current IT equipment and work with various partners to negotiate a buy-back of existing equipment.
  • Lucid Technologies will provide a recommended path for migration, analyzing which applications are most suited for the initial cloud migration and tune the applications to ensure the highest performance in the new environment
  • We will also explore the ramifications of geographic locations of servers, as specified in a recent Cisco whitepaper and mitigate risks so that your business will continue to operate seamlessly.

Lucid Technologies will complete the project ahead of schedule and under budget.  We service small and medium sized businesses in the Washington DC Metro area, including Maryland, Northern Virginia and PA.  Contact us today to get a proposal.