Hosted VoIP Cloud Communications (UCaas)

At Lucid Technologies, we recognize that as small businesses change and grow, the ability to quickly scale, improve employee efficiency, reduce costs and remain agile is a challenge.

Adding new employees, for example, requires the company to adapt its phone system to accommodate the need for more lines. That is harder to accomplish using traditional on-premise telephony systems due to higher setup and maintenance costs, the need for hardware on-site and reliance on IT support. A cloud-based phone system, on the other hand, enables small and medium sized enterprises to manage communication services in a less costly, more streamlined and agile manner.

To better understand the benefits, costs and risks of switching to a cloud phone system, check out this Forrester study examining the Total Economic Impact of Adopting Cloud Business Phone Systems.

The study discloses a number of benefits gained by switching to the leading cloud phone system:

  • Substantial cost savings–eliminate PBX hardware and maintenance costs, while increasing functionality with RingCentral’s web and video conferencing.
  • Office365, Google for Work, Salesforce integration–utilize RingCentral’s standard integrations, avoiding additional development and maintenance fees.
  • Increased revenue per employee–enable employees to be more accessible to customers with RingCentral’s BYOD-ready system.

If you’d like a custom ROI analysis for your business, or if you have any questions about how your business can benefit from the best-in-class cloud phone system, don’t hesitate to contact us.