The cost of leasing transport circuits (Metro Ethernet, SONET) for data and telephony between corporate office and data centers often is a significant portion of the OpEx budgetOffice Inter-connections.  Reducing the cost of these inter-connections between corporate sites can quickly and dramatically reduce the cost of operations with relatively minimal impact while providing greater flexibility and scalability.

For scalable, affordable bandwidth, there is no better choice than dark fiber through Lucid Technologies. We have extensive access to national, regional, networks that can offer dark fiber and/or managed services. We work with the top carriers as well as the small metro and even non-standard providers to unlock the best options for our clients. With our help, your organization can benefit from your own scalable, secure and cost-effective network.

Dark Fiber — Benefits

After the telecom and dot-com boom of the mid-90’s as well as continued investment by entities like utilities and municipalities, a wealth of fiber infrastructure is in place to support custom private optical networks. In most cases the cost of dark fiber is significantly less than the cost of a managed or “lit” service. With the deployment of dark fiber, as your bandwidth requirements and usage increase, your costs remain the same, in most cases resulting in a 3-6 month ROI on purchased WDM equipment.  In recent years, the equipment required to light dark fiber has become “plug and play” allowing for existing network or IT staff to easily manage the WAN connections and gain control over their network.

Lucid Technologies enables clients to capitalize on these unique dark fiber networks and unused fiber assets to gain new and alternative options in connectivity. By utilizing or creating a dark fiber network your company can realize many benefits including…


  • Reduced monthly cost for higher bandwidth – 10 Gb or 100 Gb or beyond
  • ROI for the one-time equipment cost is typically less than three months
  • Upgrade bandwidth and service level options without increased monthly costs


  • Rapid provisioning and turn-up
  • Increase the level of service by changing equipment
  • Freedom to run any protocol and any service
  • Run multiple circuits over a single pair of fiber (up to 16 GigE connections with CWDM)


  • Upgrade at any time without waiting for the carrier
  • Schedule preferred service and maintenance windows
  • Choose bandwidth levels and what applications to run
  • Burst above average utilization levels without any additional costs


  • Equipment determines how much bandwidth – virtually unlimited bandwidth available
  • Upgrade bandwidth by changing the optical cards in equipment
  • 10 Gb today, 100 Gb tomorrow – As soon as the equipment is available, deploy the upgrade

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