Reinvent Your Network with SD-WAN from Lucid Technologies

  • 87% of Enterprises say their WAN negatively impacts business-critical applications either occasionally or frequently
  • 75% of Organizations manage their network security manually

Has your network kept up?
Does your network have the capacity and flexibility to keep up with the demands while providing an improved customer experience and supporting your company’s market differentiation?

Lucid Technologies can design and implement a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) that will help drive your digital business transformation utilizing dual-path network connections for 100% reliability and scalability, while also providing network management features, such as Security, Deep Packet Inspection, Prioritization, Throttling, Reporting, etc.

Lucid Technologies can implement an SD-WAN solution on your existing network connections if you are currently under contract, or can reduce your costs further by designing and building a customized SD-WAN for your business needs through partnerships with Tier 1 carriers in North America.


Contact us today to see how SD-WAN can improve your network scalability and performance, while potentially saving you money.